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This is My Suncor

Suncor Ankylosaur

In the spring of 2011 workers in the Suncor Millennium mine uncovered a rare find. Paleontologists from the Royal Tyrell Museum were dispatched. Together, Suncor and the team of fossil experts worked to extract an extraordinary discovery... the remains of an Ankylosaur older than any previously found in Alberta.

  • GOLDEN REEL WINNER, Editing, 2012 MCA-I Media Festival, Jeremy Chugg - Editor
  • NOMINEE 2012 AMPIA Awards, Best Documentary Under 30, Jeremy Chugg - Producer
  • NOMINEE 2012 AMPIA Awards, Best Cinematographer Non-Fiction Under 30, Shaun Henning - DOP
This is My Suncor

This is My Suncor

In a marketplace where human resources are increasingly scarce, Suncor’s mid-career “Go Ahead” campaign had to stand out from other recruiting initiatives. Freshwater Creative worked with Suncor Energy to conceive, shoot and edit a long form piece focused on the benefits of a career with Suncor Energy. Using the lived experience of real life employees, the program has been very successful and garnered national and international attention.

  • GOLDEN REEL WINNER, External Communication, MCA-I Media Festival, Jeremy Chugg - Producer


The Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation needed to raise awareness in order to raise capital. Freshwater Creative worked extensively with CAWST on their website, their collateral materials (both print and electronic), and in the creation of an animated piece that would succinctly tell the CAWST story.

  • BRONZE REEL WINNER, Best PSA, MCA-I Media Festival, Neil Devine - Producer
  • WINNER 2012 AMPIA Awards, Best PSA, Neil Devine - Producer
  • WINNER 2012 AMPIA Awards, Best Digital Cross-Platform Project, Neil Devine - Producer
Kids Cancer Care

Kids Cancer Care Foundation

KCCF creates a video every year for their fundraising event. The subject matter is compelling and often heart wrenching. Freshwater Creative suggested a more narrative storytelling approach to the project, and worked with KCCF and their families to tell two very different stories. We also created a piece designed for elementary and junior high schools to help with the “Shave a Lid for a Kid” fundraising initiative.

  • SILVER REEL WINNER (Editing), MCA-I Media Festival, Steve Mason - Editor
  • SILVER REEL WINNER, External Communication, MCA-I Media Festival, Kerrie Penney, Nina Sudra - Producers

Imperial Oil Hockey

Imperial Oil/Esso has been supporting hockey in Canada for 75 years. Freshwater was thrilled to be able to complete a retrospective of hockey and Esso…researching decades of footage to tell a complete story. The program was designed for the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship and brought back a lot of memories!

Tom Rouse

This is My Suncor - Tom Rouse

Talk to Tom Rouse about working in Suncor’s Oil Sands projects and he’ll tell you about the challenges and opportunities that Suncor provides. He’ll also tell you about the advantages of living in a progressive town like Fort McMurray. These messages found a home in a first-of-its-kind mid-career recruiting initiative. And the vignettes are the backbone for the “Go Ahead Fort McMurray” campaign.

This is My Suncor - Ana Sanchez

This is My Suncor - Ana Sanchez

Suncor’s mid-career “Go Ahead” campaign had to stand out from other recruiting initiatives. Using the lived experience of real life employee Ana Sanchez, Suncor’s message to the workplace at large is “we’re the right place and the right time”. Go ahead, with Suncor!

  • BRONZE REEL WINNER, External Communication, MCA-I Media Festival, Jeremy Chugg - Producer
AHS Ajae Benjamin

Alberta Health Services - Ajae

Freshwater worked with AHS to create a campaign that relied on their strongest assets: dedicated, professional staff. Everyone working with AHS can attest to the value of working for the best and with the best. Freshwater scripted, shot, edited and created the graphics for this multi phase campaign.

AHS Barry Kushner

Alberta Health Services - Barry Kushner

Alberta Health Services is recruiting…but how do you find out more about what a career at AHS would look like? Real employees talk about their career experiences and aspirations…providing AHS with an engaging recruiting tool that works.

  • BRONZE REEL WINNER, Sales and Marketing, MCA-I Media Festival, Barry Chugg - Producer
SDTC - Ostara

Sustainable Development Technology
Canada - Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies

Sustainable Development Technology Canada provides support to Canadian Clean Energy companies…specific support during the critical pre-commercialization phase. Ostara is only one example of a Canadian Clean Technology Company bringing extraordinary ideas to market.

  • GOLDEN REEL WINNER (Writing), MCA-I Media Festival, Kerrie Penney – Writer
  • SILVER REEL WINNER, External Communication, MCA-I Media Festival, Barry Chugg, Kerrie Penney – Producers
Deliver Good

Deliver Good

There are thousands of companies who have items they no longer need from computers to office furniture. There are thousands of charities who NEED everything, from computers to office furniture. How do you connect the two? The answer, Deliver Good.

  • SILVER REEL WINNER, Graphics/Animation, 2012 MCA-I Media Festival, Neil Devine - Producer
Hospice Calgary - Heroes

Hospice Calgary - "Heroes"

This short video is an emotive case study of the difference Hospice Calgary's grief support programs made in the lives of one Calgary family.

SDTC – Clear Air

SDTC - "Clean Air"

This video was one of a series we produced for Sustainable Development Technology Canada to demonstrate the importance of investment in Canadian Clean Technologies.

Alta Link

AltaLink "Bob"

How do you make benefit enrollment compelling for employees? By writing a script about an out-of-work actor whose life takes a turn for the better when AltaLink pays a visit. This smart, sassy and entertaining piece continues our work in conjunction with AltaLink to further define their internal brand. A fun place to work? You decide.

Tyrrell Museum

Tyrrell: Great Minds
Fresh Finds Exhibition

The paleo team at the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Canada is some of the brightest minds in the dinosaur business. When they wanted to focus on that in house brain trust, Freshwater helped them create a compelling, informative and moving tribute. This program won an AMPIA Award for Best Educational Video 2009 and was nominated for best writing documentary.


Encana: Natural Gas
The Clear Energy Choice

Encana has refocused itself as North America’s largest natural gas producer. Natural Gas is positioned as the fuel of the future, and this message needed to appeal not only to the investing community but the community at large…particularly the younger demographic. "The Clear Energy Choice" was delivered in every 2009 Annual Report and also lives on the Encana website and on You Tube. This program won a North America videographer award.

Peter Tertzakian

Peter Tertzakian End of Energy Obesity

Thought leader and energy analyst Peter Tertzakian rocketed to prominence with the publication of his first book A Thousand Barrels a Second. The launch of his second book needed to capitalize on Tertzakian's growing fame, as well as demonstrate knowledge of the world of social networking. End of Energy Obesity is the anchor of the Tertzakian You Tube Channel and will feature prominently on the new Peter Tertzakian website (also designed by Freshwater).

MacEwan Psychology

MacEwan Bachelor of Arts Psychology

The world of post-secondary education is increasingly competitive and Grant MacEwan University needed to move out front and distinguish itself. "Psychology" is one of 8 disciplines designed to inform viewers about the course. Successful? An army of monkeys couldn’t keep students away. This program won a 2008 US International Film and Video Festival Silver Screen Award.